portrait of Kody portrait of Ashley
Kody is first and foremost a big fan of Ashley! Aside from his love of Ashley, Kody also enjoys collecting. His collecting habits range from everyday carry gear to mechanical watches and New Era fitted hats. He's a fan of sports, the outdoors, coffee, energy drinks, Mt. Rainier, he loves his family and friends and enjoys traveling. If he's not at his desk working on a business idea or playing AoE3 with Mike, he's probably relaxing with Ashley and their Westie Finlay. Ashley is rather shy and prefers to operate behind the scenes. Her love and affection is split, not always evenly, between Kody and our Westie Finlay. You be the judge of who gets more affection. Ashley is the numbers person on the team. She is quite simply amazing. She adores her family and friends and loves being a dog mom. Ashley's other interests include traveling, reading, helping others, cooking and she's also thinking of starting a blog.